There are TWO options for tuition, Yearly or Monthly.  If paying yearly you receive 10% off your tuition when in full by September 30th. There is a Yearly Tuition refund of 50% through December, but after December there is NO refund on tuition. There is no Yearly Discount when a dancer is paying for Unlimited Classes.  That tuition amount is the discount.  If paying tuition MONTHLY, tuition will be automatically drawn from your credit or debit card between the 1st and 5th of the month (September-May if taking ballet or September-June for all other dances styles).  You will receive an email 10 days prior to the 1st of each month that your card is going to be charged, reminding you of the upcoming scheduled payment.  If you card comes back declined, we will try and process your card every 5 days until it’s processed.  Classes are a 10 month enrollment, September to June(Ballet classes are a 9 month enrollment, September to May).  Monthly tuition is divided into equal payments for lessons received in the full dance season, not lessons per month.  Payments remain the same each month regardless of actual classes attended.  If you are 2 months behind on your account your dancer will not be allowed to continue until your account is current.  


PRIVATE LESSONS:  Private lessons need to be paid at the time of the lesson.  Taking a private lesson does not guarantee a performance in our recitals.  Private Lessons- $30 for 30 minutes or $25 for 30 minutes if there are 4 privates scheduled in one month.    



Signing up for this dance season brings some commitments.  All our dancers will perform in the recital which will be in May and/or June.  If your dancer doesn’t want to dance in the recital, that is fine, we just need to know at the time of enrollment, that way our teachers can place them properly in the dance routine so their absence in the recital won’t effect the other dancers.  Along with that there are costume fees which will be collected.  We will have a couple of rehearsals at the end of the season to prepare for the recital.  It is mandatory that all dancers be at every rehearsal.  This ensures that the show will run smoothly.  If your dancer is taking a class that is a Level 3 or higher class, attendance is crucial. Any absences need to be approved by your teacher and too many absences can result in removal from the class. You will also be expected to attend picture day even if you don’t plan on purchasing the pictures.  



*Registration Fee:  $55 per family due at the time of registration (Cash or Credit/Debit only).  This fee needs to be paid to guarantee your spot in a class.  

*Costume Fee:  Tights and shoes are not included in this fee and there is ONE costume fee per class your dancer takes.  The fee is $70 per costume and needs to be paid in full no later than October 30th (Cash or Credit/Debit only). If you are wanting us to process your costume fee for you, please let us know, otherwise it will be your responsibility to pay that fee.

REGISTRATION AND COSTUME FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.  Costumes will not be ordered until the costumes are PAID IN FULL.


MONTHLY TUITION BREAKDOWN (per hr/family member)

1hr $45             4hr $124

2hr $76                5hr $144

3hr $97                Unlimited $169 (per dancer)    



*For the safety of your children, other children as well as to keep classroom disturbances down, please monitor your children (dancer or sibling) when they are in the studio but aren’t in the dance room.

*Babysitting Fee- We are only held responsible for your dancers while they are in the dance room during class.  Dancers need to be picked up as soon as the class is released.  Dancers who arrive 15 minutes prior to their class time or picked up 15 minutes after their class is over are subject to a babysitting fee of $1 a minute from the time the class was over to the time they get picked up.  If you need special arrangements please contact our office in advance. 

*Check out our DANCE NEWS page for all scheduled CLOSURES.  We follow Longview School Districts closures for WEATHER ONLY!



*Jazz classes: Leotard, dance pants or shorts with tights.  Tan Jazz shoes.

*Lyrical classes:  Leotard, dance pants or shorts with tights.  Tan Jazz shoes for Level 1 & 2 and Tan Half Soles for Levels 3 & 4. 

*Ballet classes:  Black leotard with pink tights and pink leather ballet slippers.  Ballet skirts can only be worn for Tiny Tutus and Level 4 ballet students.  Hair must be securely off the face in a ponytail or bun.  

*Tap classes: Leotard, dance pants, shorts with tights, fitted sweats, fitted t-shirts, tank tops.  Tap shoes are to only be worn in the studio and NO TAP SHOES FROM PAYLESS OR TARGET PLEASE!

*Hip Hop classes: dance pants, shorts with tights, sweats, fitted t-shirts, tank tops.  Clean tennis shoes that are to only be worn in the studio.  If you choose to wait to purchase Hip Hop shoes until we choose which shoe they will need for the recital that is fine (around November). If you wait, you dancers can wear other dance shoes or go barefoot.

*Acro classes: Leotard, dance pants or shorts.  No tights or shoes. 

*If your dancer is in a COMBO class, they can choose which class attire to follow based on the class they are taking and will need both style of shoes.

NO jeans, tummy shirts, dresses, skirts, tennis shoes (unless hip hop approved) or loose fitting clothing.

**Hair must be securely off the face in a ponytail or bun for ALL our dance classes.  Dancers need to have their hair done before coming into class and must leave their hair alone during class.  Hair bands will NOT be provided.

ALL DANCE SHOES MUST BE WORN IN THE DANCE ROOM ONLY.  Wearing them outside will ruin the shoes and our dance floor.  



When dancers come into the dance room they need to come prepared and ready to dance.  There is NO chewing gum, cell phone usage, or eating during class times.  Students are encouraged to bring water so they can keep hydrated. Dancers need to use the bathroom before and after class, however if there is an emergency we will allow your dancer to use the bathroom.  We cannot take dancers to the bathroom or help them get dressed afterward so if you little dancer needs assistance please remain by the classroom so if they need you, you are available.   Dancers are encouraged to bring a positive and open mind to class.  They need to adopt that frame of mind so they can face the challenges that class brings and overcome them.  The word CAN’T is one of the worst words one could use in our classes.  We also ask for clean language and clean behavior.  We are committed to treating everyone the same regardless of their dance experience and I expect the same out of my students.