We offer Tap, Jazz, Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theater and Performing Company Classes.  We also offer a variety of Combo classes to give your dancer the opportunity to learn other dances styles at the same time.  In addition to our classes that run September-May(June), we also offer sessions for our 4-5 year old dancers.  These sessions are great for this age, giving them more breaks throughout the year as well as giving them many opportunities to try out different styles.  We start most of our dancers at 4 years old.  Dancers need to be potty trained and able to participate in our classes.  Performing Companies are placed by auditions only or pre approval by Sara.



Tap-Our classes combine classical and contemporary tap styles to create a fun and energetic class that teaches the basic fundamental musical rhythms.  Tap vocabulary and proper progression of steps are the focus of this dance form.

Jazz-Aside from Ballet, Jazz is where you get more of your technical training.   You will learn proper stretching and strengthening techniques for a safe Jazz experience.  We reserve the right to teach you steps and styles depending on your level of dance. 

Ballet-Ballet is the foundation of all dance.  Students will learn basic principals of classical Ballet along with proper body placement, turnout and terminology.

Lyrical-Lyrical is a fusion of Ballet and Jazz.  It is generally slower, with fluid movements and has emotion involved.  Some experience in Jazz and Ballet are recommended.  

Hip Hop-Derived from Jazz, Hip Hop has developed into its own genre with its own styles and technique.  These styles will be taught to age appropriate music for a fun Hip Hop experience. 

Acro-A part of gymnastics only using floor work.  Forward rolls, back rolls, cartwheels, brides, back walkovers, front walk overs and more are taught with careful attention to technique and safety.

Musical Theater-Generally a character based jazz style while dancing where a story is being told, like a musical or a broadway production.